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It’s thought to derive from the Hebrew phrase “from the grave”, or me-ha-kever.Hallujah - used to express praise or joy, this comes from the Hebrew words Hallel meaning praise and Ya, denoting God.It’s similar to (and some think derived from) the common Hebrew phrase kol beseder: everything’s okay.Leviathan – This English word meaning a great sea creature is directly taken from the Hebrew word for whale: leviaton.Abracadabra – Acknowledging that God is the sole Creator of the world is a central value in Judaism.Thus, it’s forbidden to declare that we, ourselves, are responsible for creation.

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Edenic – Referring to Eden, the perfect garden in which God created Adam and Chava (Eve), the first human beings, edenic means something perfect and enjoyable in English today.

Babble – The Torah recounts how the generation after Noah tried to build a tower high enough to reach the very heavens and challenge God.