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Although the series premiered to mediocre ratings, NBC renewed it for another season because of the anticipated success of Carell's movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and the show subsequently became a ratings success.

Carell won a Golden Globe and Television Critics Association award in 2006 for his role.

In "Two Weeks", he claims to have acquired half of the Scranton branch client base.

In "The Client", he impresses his then-manager, Jan Levinson-Gould, by singlehandedly acquiring an important client through somewhat unorthodox methods.

However, on the BBC Radio 5 Live Film Review show, he stated in an interview that his time on the show would probably end after his contract ran out after Season 7.

This was later confirmed on June 28, 2010, when Carell confirmed that the seventh season of the show was to be his last after his contract with NBC expired. His birthdate is March 15, 1964, as given in "Michael's Birthday" and "Dream Team".

He seems to have few relationships outside the office.

In his interactions with other characters, he is shallow, callous, ignorant and unaware of basic social norms.

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Although The 40-Year-Old Virgin was a surprise success, Carell revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he had no plans to leave The Office.Both Pam Halpert and Ryan Howard are impressed watching him make sales and negotiate their contracts when working in The Michael Scott Paper Company.