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Follow the link on the party confirmation they will send upon receiving an RSVP from you for details.

This group is primarily in San Diego but has recently begun having events in Temecula to be more accessible to people from the LA Area.

Must wear a pair of NICE underwear, no tighty whiteys or boxer shorts....prefer thong underwear. The next event is announced on the Den of Iniquity's Event Bright page.

--Bring your kinky tickle toys or S & M arsenal because Ticklers Revenge parties are "Anything Goes" so long as its individually consensual with the kinky live action models and guests. --So please be courteous & ask if its ok to play how you want to PLAY!

The dress code at this party is unusual in that fetish atire is not allowed in, and this is strictly enforced.

Vanilla formal attire, such as business suits, is required at this party.

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New male slaves are required to attend a half hour protocol training session just before the dungeon party starts, and follow those protocols during the party that follows.But because the Dominants are paid these parties are expensive for the submissive to attend.

In a recent decision in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the federal district court for the Eastern District of New York looked to the expansive employment test under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) to find that a cashier who worked off-the-books for a bankrupt gas station could be deemed its employee. Accordingly, the district court concluded, the bankruptcy court’s decision could not stand. The local’s collective bargaining agreements with the company required it to pay a defined dollar amount each month to a fund for employees’ vacations. Nonetheless, the bankruptcy court approved the settlement over the employees’ objection, and dismissed the case pursuant to its terms, reasoning that, without the settlement, creditors other than the secured creditors would most likely have received nothing. Without expressing a view on whether structured dismissals in general are lawful, the Court prohibited those that, over the objection of an affected party, contravene the Code’s priority scheme. Cautioning about a too-literal reading of the word “and,” the bankruptcy court in Philadelphia Newspapers pointed out that Section 503(b) ties together with the word “and” all nine different categories of administrative claims, including such diverse items as taxes, professional fees and the cost of closing a health care business. 2008), tried to pin that down by holding that back pay is “attributable” to a post-petition period if the claim vests or accrues post-petition. to whether any services were rendered” with the overarching language in Section 503(b)(1)(A) that defines administrative expenses as those needed for “preserving the estate.” The bankruptcy court in Calumet recently relied on the latter language in concluding that a back pay claim can only be administrative if the employee performed post-petition service to the bankrupt estate. Remember that the debtor, as proponent of the plan, bears the burden of proving compliance with Section 503(c). Successfully challenging a KEIP thus often requires scrutinizing the performance metrics that would trigger bonuses, looking for evidence that an executive may stand to reap an award without extraordinary effort. Debtors in bankruptcy have sought to reject expired agreements to avoid this obligation.… continue reading »

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