Fear of dating

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"Demonophobia" is derived from the Greek "daimon," meaning deity or evil spirit. Don't confuse this with the neoautodentaphobia which is the fear of getting a dent in your new car.

This phobia can be serious because sufferers will often avoid needed medical treatment.

This one is on the Phobia List of Top 10 most popular phobias.

The word "claustrophobia" is derrived from the Latin "claudere," which means to shut. Sufferers worry about having nightmares or wetting the bed, and often remain awake and develop insomnia.

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"Counter" is derrived from the Middle English "countren," from Anglo-French "cuntre," which means against, , and ultimately from the Latin "contra," which means or opposite.

"Coitophobia" is derived from the Latin "coitus," which means "to come together." feces.

Sufferers go out of their way to avoid coming into contact with feces or sometimes even seeing feces.

After I started helping people eliminate fears and phobias in 1995, it became a practical need for me to be familiar with various names of phobias that people would ask me about. Anyone can make up a phobia list by taking the Greek or Latin root and adding "phobia" to the end.

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You can search for "phobia list" and find a number of websites that have a phobia list with varying degrees of completeness and usefullness.

But, in the most severe cases, the victims may be incapacitated and never leave their house. Altophobia: fear of singers who have a vocal range somewhere between a tenor and a mezzo-soprano. It's really the fear of heights, which is more commonly referred to as acrophobia (see above). Bruce Banner had a major case of this ("Don't make me angry - you won't like me when I'm angry.") For those of you who don't remember (or don't know), Bruce Banner is the fictional comic book character who was exposed to gamma radiation which resulted in his transforming into the "Hulk" when he was angry or under stress. Dating someone with anthophobia can save you a lot of money around Valentine's day, birthdays, and other holidays. One medical site suggested that arachnophobia is really "fear of the unknown, since most spiders are harmless." Remember that phobias are, by definition, an irrational fear.