Access update query not updating

24-Sep-2017 10:42

You must declare and define an explicit cursor, giving it a name and associating it with a query (typically, the query returns multiple rows).

Then you can process the query result set in either of these ways: do those things with a cursor variable (see "Cursor Variables").

The implicit cursor attributes are: DROP TABLE dept_temp; CREATE TABLE dept_temp AS SELECT * FROM departments; CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE p ( dept_no NUMBER ) AUTHID DEFINER AS BEGIN DELETE FROM dept_temp WHERE department_id = dept_no; IF DROP TABLE employees_temp; CREATE TABLE employees_temp AS SELECT * FROM employees; DECLARE mgr_no NUMBER(6) := 122; BEGIN DELETE FROM employees_temp WHERE manager_id = mgr_no; DBMS_OUTPUT.

PUT_LINE ('Number of employees deleted: '

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When a formal parameter has a default value, its corresponding actual parameter is optional.Outside the cursor query, you cannot reference formal cursor parameters.